Privacy Policy

We Protect Your Privacy

At anytime we will pursue legal action against anyone who is unlawfully seeking to disturb your business with us.

Any personal information, data, or digital content material found on our servers will never be intentionally released to the general public.

Intellectual Property

All content found on our server, at any given time, is our property. We have full control of all the data.

Any content uploaded by any client, whether graphics; text; or of any other digital format, is soley upon your discretion. No copying or infringing upon any plagiarism against you will be allowed.

Unlawful Practices

Any hacking, cracking, freaking, tweaking, or wasting of any of our resources that provide you with the necesarry components to use, from the outside public, anyone from within our company, or yourself, will be reprimanded immediately and will be subject to account cancellation.

Anyone caught trying to steal information will be reported to the proper authorities.